Heat Pumps

Ground Source:

Digging Heat Pumps

Looking for the most energy-efficient heating and cooling system on the market today? A ground source heat pump can provide all of your home's space heating, air conditioning and water heating requirements in a single package at an operating cost that's less than even the most efficient gas furnace! With a ground source heat pump, you have several options to consider:

Closed loop system — water or environmentally safe antifreeze circulates inside buried underground piping, continually exchanging heat with the earth. Because these systems use free heat available from the earth, they deliver $3-$4 worth of heat for every dollar of electricity they use in electrical energy. This kind of efficiency provides you with outstanding energy savings on your heating, cooling and hot water.

Open loop system — use the water from your well to heat and cool your home too. Then discharge the water to a nearby pond, stream or ground. There's no change in water quality and little difference in temperature.

Add-on Heat Pumps:

Consider an add-on heat pump in combination with a gas or oil furnace. The heat pump uses free heat available in the air to give you $2-$3 worth of heat for every dollar of electricity used. On very cold winter days your fossil fuel furnace will take over. On a dual fuel rate, heat pumps provide much lower annual heating and cooling bills than can be achieved by conventional combustion furnace/air conditioner combinations. A heat pump is the only air conditioner you can buy that will pay for itself.