Electric Heat

Zoned Electric Space Heating

Consider electric baseboard, cove, radiant ceiling and radiant floor heating technology. They take up very little space and each has its own thermostat. Warming up cold basements, additions, three-season porches and other hard to heat areas is no problem with zoned electric space heating. There are lots of different choices to consider that will blend in with your decor very nicely. With dual fuel rates, enjoy both comfort and energy savings.

Electric Slab Storage Heating

Tired of living in homes with cold basement floors? Heat the lowel level with electric slab storage heating. Electric heating cables are embedded below the concrete floor to provide warm radiating comfort—ideal for toddlers and adults alike. Special off-peak rates apply. You'll love it. A variation of this is radiant floor hydronic heating that circulates hot water from an electric boiler, water heater or ground source heat pump.