Outage Management

At Nobles Cooperative Electric, it is important to keep our members informed. We want to do this in the most convenient and fastest way possible. That is why we implemented an automated outage reporting system.

This automated system is pretty simple for the member and will help sort out the possible complexities of an outage. The majority of the time you will continue to talk to a 'live' person, but in the event of high call volume, this system analyzes who is calling (who is out of power) and be able to pinpoint the trouble area. By using this technology, our line crews identify the cause and magnitude of the outage more quickly. Each individual call helps speed up the restoration process.

The process is simple and reliable. When you call in an outage, the system will look up the account number associated with the phone number you are calling from and ask if that is the location of the outage. If the number you are calling from is not the location of the outage, you will be prompted to enter the phone number. In case your phone number is still not recognized, you will be asked to enter your location number. Our outage management team will have immediate and ongoing access to outage information to help them identify the scope and location of the outage.

Your cooperative realizes that on your first call to report an outage you would like to know how long you will be without power. However, at the time of the initial call, it is almost impossible to estimate the length of an outage. This is because we do not immediately know the cause. Once we know the cause of an outage and understand the length of its duration, a message will be placed on the automated system to help keep you informed.

The outage management system offers Nobles many benefits:

  • Increased crew and dispatch productivity
  • Reduced outage durations
  • Enhanced member satisfaction
  • Line outage prediction
  • Better internal and external communications
  • Faster resolution
  • Smarter outage system than human only control
  • Improved response time and worker safety
  • Brings more engineering design and planning benefits

Nobles Cooperative Electric would like to assure you that our top priority is to provide all of our members with reliable service. Our outage management system is vital in helping get the information we need to restore your power as quickly as possible.