Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology is a two-way, 24-hour communications system that enhances member service, improves electric service, service reliability, and improves day-to-day operations. Besides member benefits and convenience, this new technology drives costs down.

Background information: On January 21, the board approved the 2010 Budget and Work Plan which included incorporating the Sensus Advanced Metering Infrastructure system. The first phase of this project included new meter installations for commercial and seasonal accounts. Since this phase was successful, a full deployment will began for the entire NCE system. In early 2012, full deployment was complete.

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AMI Project Updates

May 30, 2011: 2,900 meters installed
September 20: 500th meter installed
June 10: NCE completed the first seasonal meter installation
June 9: The TGBs were certified
May 26-27: Redid the RNI Commission
May13-14: Initial RNI Commission
March 24: Worthington antenna installed
January 21: 2010 Budget and Work Plan approved which included AMR/AMI technology
December 4, 2009: Contract signed with Sensus